What can you do with GEDI now :

Type of QuerySource of Information in GEDI KB
Gene Centric NCBI, ENSEMBL, 30 other external bioinformatics tools
Genomic Context Specific NCBI, ENSEMBL, UNIGENE
Protein- Protein Interactions BIND, BioGRID, HPRD, Ecocyc, MINT
Text-Mining Geneways
Pathways-specific KEGG, REACTOME, NCI, BioCarta
Disease-SpecificOMIM, genecards, MESH, Disease Ontology
PhenotypicOMIM, Human Phenotype Ontology

-Sources in RED are under development

Currently Under Development

  • Tools for visualization and analysis of molecular networks

  • Tools for comparative analysis of diseases

  • Seamless integration with VISTA platform for identification and annotation of genetic variations in coding and non-coding regions

  • Tools for analysis of GWAS data

Future Plans

  • We plan to develop myGEDI – and interactive Web-based system for secure development, curation and annotation of disease models by the individual experts and scientific groups. These expert-curated disease models produced in GEDI framework will be made available to the scientific community for further enrichment, refinement and comparative analysis as a part of the GEDI public repository for curated and automatically constructed networks-based disease models

  • We plan to develop automated workflow pipelines to support integration and analysis of experimental data provided by the users: identification of CNVs, SNPs and other genetic variations, analysis of clinical and phenotypic data, etc